Meet Mukizad – Development Leader at Catalyst Leadership Group

Meet Mukizad – Development Leader at Catalyst Leadership Group

Moving to the US from Rwanda when I was only 17 was a huge step for me and also an opportunity that certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone.

I went on to finish high school and college in both Vermont and St. Louis, Missouri. I recently graduated and learned a great deal in University, however, I have seen the most growth in me because of the opportunity I have been given at Catalyst Leadership Group.

The responsibilities I have here and all the inside-and-outside of work experiences I have with the team at CLG have taught me a variety of skills that I can apply in absolutely every aspect of my life. I am continuously learning new things about myself personally and professionally. It was initially a challenging journey at first – like anyone would expect when trying something new such as a new career but I can see from my results it was worth the small amount of time it took for me to get learn the basics. I have gained an extreme amount of confidence when speaking with people and I have also become extremely solution-oriented.

Not only has Catalyst been constantly supportive throughout my training but that support continues even into today. I enjoy being in such a positive work environment. Working here has taught me how to bet on
the best version of myself not only at work but in my personal life as well.

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Mukizad - Development Leader

I am an International relations Major. I've always been interested in how the International governing system works.

I am currently enrolled in Lindenwood University as an International Relations major and minor in the Economics field. I am a member of the Lindenwood University International relations organization. Our goal is to arrange meetings, projects, and talks to broader our knowledge and enlarger our experience.