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For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions. If you don’t see what you’re looking to have answered, reach out to us by submitting your own!


Q: Is this a call center making cold calls?

A: No, we work directly with our customers face to face!


Q: What is your interview process like?

A: Due to COVID, we have transitioned to virtual interviews using ZOOM and is a 3 part process. First, is a preliminary that usually will take about 15 min. This is a brief summary of our company and an opportunity for our team to get to know the candidates outside of a resume. Then, if invited back there would be a second round interview. During this step, we dive into deeper questioning learning more about the applicant and address our schedule, compensation, and growth plan–anticipated to last around 1 hour. Lastly, potentially receiving a call from Colleen in which she would have a few final questions prepared.


Q: Many businesses won’t make a comeback after COVID-19, so how does your company plan to move forward?

A: At CLG, we’ve been very fortunate. The heart of our business is in customer acquisition vs. customer retention. Why does this matter? Customer acquisition will ALWAYS be needed, in fact, in times of financial upset, it’s needed even more. Think about, who are the first people to be laid off in a company, those who are taking from the company profits, or those who are DRIVING the company profits?
We are beyond blessed and honored to work with the clients we do and they have been beyond supportive during the COVID pandemic, so that we are in our best shape for reentering our retailers’ and driving revenue for them again!


Q: How is a face to face sales company hiring during this time?

A: We’re in the midst of hiring the best and brightest for our team because of the high demand our client has for our services. Our client has seen a drop in revenue due to our inability to represent them during the Covid restrictions, because of this, they are more excited than ever to have us hire more talent to represent and drive revenue for their brand.


Q: What safety measures will be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

A: Safety is EXTREMELY important to us at CLG. Our intent is to develop leaders from within into a management role, so we are taking extra precaution to keep each member healthy as they work with customers and in our office. We are providing every team member with masks, gloves, daily temperature checks, hourly cleaning routines, and social distancing while working with customers.


Q: Is sales for me?

A: At CLG, our main focus is on leadership. We are looking for individuals who see the value in representing some of the biggest clients in the world while learning salesmanship, but ultimately, desire to inspire confidence in others and step into a leadership/manager role. Trust me, I never saw myself being in sales, what I have learned though, is opportunity usually is disguised as hard work and getting out of my comfort zone. I’m very excited to provide the same opportunity of development to others!


Q: What if I don’t have any experience?

A: I didn’t have any experience either! We’re very proud at CLG that past experience is not a requirement to excel in our company. What is a requirement: work ethic, positive attitude, student mentality, and integrity. Everything else we can develop!


Q: What if I’m afraid of dealing with rejection?

A: I felt the same way when I first started! I grew up the daughter of a teacher and government employee, so there weren’t many convos around the dinner table about developing grit and perseverance. What I’ve learned, is no is just as much a part of life as yes and that’s a good thing. Being afraid of No gives No more power, which can lead to some negative emotions, behavior, and results. Think about that, when have you felt most proud of your accomplishment, when everything was easy or when you were overcoming challenge? There’s beauty in doing things that challenge you, it helps us grow! At CLG we teach our team to embrace challenge and learn how to become a stronger more gritty leader. 

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