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Coaching and development is a huge part of the culture at Catalyst Leadership Group.  Check out what our top coaches have to say about topics you inquired about!

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Knowing your “WHY” is important and a driving force behind every action. Ours is to develop personal and professional confidence within our team so they feel empowered to create the life they desire.
Also, just because we’re passionate about people. We develop confidence in communication and leadership through customer acquisition and our management development program. When team members gain mastery in these areas of business they feel empowered to make personal and professional changes necessary to have a life that they have dreamt of. Here at CLG, our priority is our peoples’ growth!


What would you say the biggest challenge is in working with Catalyst?

The biggest challenge for me working here at Catalyst would definitely be just learning to get out of my own way.

In what ways would you say the management training program has contributed to your development?
It has helped me become more focused on one path and vision for my life. It has also helped me manage my time better, improve my self confidence and in my decisions. I’ve really been driven out of my comfort zone which has overall pushed me to grow.


What were the determining factors for you accepting the position?
The work environment was welcoming and made me excited to be there. Not only were there extremely outgoing people willing to share their knowledge with me, there was a culture which enabled me to feel relaxed yet challenged personally and professionally. These were rare qualities that I have not experienced before.
Why is it important to have a student mentality in your career?
A student is a person who never masters a subject. They are always seeking mastery and enlightenment on a particular subject or field. Because of this, having a student mentality is essential at every step of a successful career. On the ladder to success, never settling is key to a person reaching their personal goals and dreams.


What are 3 tips you’d give to a new member joining the team?
1. Come ready to learn
2. Don’t get discouraged
3. Take advantage of opportunities to get out of your comfort zone.
Can you elaborate on no seniority model and how someone new can surpass a person who has been with the company longer?
It’s all based on work ethic and student mentality. Those ready to learn and put in the work will pass those who don’t.


What advice would you give someone starting a career in sales?

When going into sales, it is important to understand what you value and how much effort you are willing to put in to obtain your goals.
What would you say about the work/life balance here at Catalyst? 
As I became more knowledgeable of how to handle my time I learned that instead of having a great personal life or a career; I could have an integrated life in which both my personal and professional life are one.