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Coaching and development is a huge part of the culture at Catalyst Leadership Group.  Check out what our top coaches have to say about topics you inquired about!

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Knowing your “WHY” is important and a driving force behind every action. Ours is to develop personal and professional confidence within our team so they feel empowered to create the life they desire.
Also, just because we’re passionate about people. We develop confidence in communication and leadership through customer acquisition and our management development program. When team members gain mastery in these areas of business they feel empowered to make personal and professional changes necessary to have a life that they have dreamt of. Here at CLG, our priority is our peoples’ growth!


What would you say has contributed most to your success in the company?
The constant support and encouragement from leadership as well as my ability to maintain my goal oriented attitude; these have really helped drive me towards success at Catalyst.
What has been your biggest challenge in working with Catalyst?
During my first few weeks, my biggest obstacle was switching over from a professional attitude to a more relaxed attitude. The advice that really helped me overcome this was to just go out and have fun, that ultimately makes your day more worthwhile.


What advice would you give someone starting a career in sales?
When going into sales, it is important to understand what you value and how much effort you are willing to put in to obtain your goals.
What would you say about the work/life balance here at Catalyst? 
As I became more knowledgeable of how to handle my time I learned that instead of having a great personal life or a career; I could have an integrated life in which both my personal and professional life are one.