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About Us

How we were born and the legacy we're creating

Our Story

Starting in Hampton, VA in 2016, we grew an office of 27 people, we rose to the number one spot on our campaign, expanded our team to a few new markets, and, in turn, won two awards for growth and consistency.

Staying true to our office culture of having fun and making money,  we took trips to many places, including the Dominican Republic, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, Scottsdale AZ, Atlantic City, and Los Angeles. All the while, we raised $1000 toward Operation Smile, an organization which benefits children in third world countries with cleft palettes.

By the end of the year, our work ethic and attitude elicited the results we desired. We are excited and ready to become even better in 2020.

This year, we are committed to:
* Building our office to 35 people
* Expanding to 2 more new locations
* Raising $1500 toward Operation Smile & Liberty Children’s Home
* Visiting more places
* Creating more opportunity
* Having more fun
* And making more money

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the catalyst of personal and professional development; to build an empire of great leaders through positivity, work ethic, and the drive to create success in individuals and the team. This, our team, is what will enable us to generate results for our clients and grow into new markets across the nation.

What We Do

We get asked all the time what we do.

We conduct face to face sales for our clients and have a growth opportunities for motivated people to get ahead. That is pretty much it.

Why We Do It

“Two reasons I do what I do”, says our CEO, Colleen.

The first reason I’ve created Catalyst Leadership Group is to provide people an opportunity, regardless of background or prior experience, that they can grow professionally and personally within a positive environment.

Secondly, I truly believe that the most important skills I’ve gained from working entry level into my currentCEO position is the importance of effort, attitude, and my own student mentality. Before starting my business, I didn’t have understanding that I was the one in control of my destiny. Thankfully, through great mentorship and coaching I began to understand these 3 pillars were going to be the key components to creating the life I truly wanted. Lastly, I believe we are a business that teaches people how to maximize their own effort, attitude, and student mentality to create the life they desire.

That’s why I am so passionate about my work. I truly believe it changes peoples lives for the better and i feel so honored to bring that kind of value to my team daily.

How We Do It

Simple. We represent Xfinity in large big box retailers and we sign up new and existing customers. We rely on a law of average sales system because our sales system is so simple we are able to teach a large variety of skillsets like self management, sales, communication skills, resilience, attitude maintenance/mental toughness. Again, this is all learned from the sales portion of what we do.

Now that’s the effort, attitude piece of our why. Second piece is that environment we’ve created to facilitate growth of our team. Every day I’m personally available for my team. I host workshops, one on ones, and motivational meetings that i’ve designed to help them get better faster and stronger. We host large group meetings to share best practices, coach/develop newer people/leaders, and to get our mindset and energy in a positive place before heading to represent client Xfinity.

Our Expertise

We only focus our training on one thing and that is developing our staff to be knowledgeable on your services and products. Therefore, we are extremely effective.

Our Innovation

Our outside the box thinking, technology, and stellar team allow us to stay one step ahead of your competition so we are always in the lead.

Our Honesty

Our team works with integrity in all we do. We want lasting customers as much as you do. We represent your brand as if it was our own.

What We Provide

Catalyst Leadership Group provides a positive, professional and thorough sales force that bridges the gap between large companies and their customers. Our goal is to provide our clients with great results with a ton of integrity. We have built a organization dedicated to growing our clients’ new and existing accounts, while simultaneously, developing our team into professional business leaders.

Giving Back

Our team believes that it’s important, as a successful small business in the community, that we give back. Throughout the year you will find Catalyst Leadership Group giving back to several organizations and charities, locally and globally.

Catalyst Cares

Operation Smile Event
Operation Smile Event
Liberty Children's Home
Liberty Children's Home